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You’re likely already aware of the problem. There’s an unprecedented and unexpected demand for power. That demand overloads the power grid, which, in this case, isn’t built to sustain long-term, below-freezing temperatures. And so, much to the disappointment of those hoping for a warm family holiday, utility companies develop a workaround. And therein lies the growing importance of generators. Keep reading to find out how.

Rolling power outages.

Santee Cooper, Duke Energy, and other utility companies have recently implemented “coordinated 30-minute rolling outages” across their systems. Houses, businesses, and other buildings have been forced to deal with the inconvenience of outages, regardless of whether they are prepared for them.

Despite being coordinated, the worst thing about them is you don’t know they’re about to happen until they do.

The truth is, rolling outages are a workaround, not a solution. But as weather patterns continue to become more unpredictable each year, it’s not a workaround that you, your family, or your small business deserve to endure.

The area’s rapidly growing infrastructure, population, and increased demand for electric vehicles (and the constant need to charge them) only worsen the problem. These aspects, generally seen as positives, will continue to place increasing amounts of stress on a power grid already having sustainability issues.

You can find yourself ahead of the problem by investing in a generator.

Generators are machines that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. The exact mechanics can get complex, but in the simplest terms, generators use an engine to spin a rotor to create a magnetic field. That magnetic field then interacts with the generator’s stator to produce an electrical current.

The important part is they provide you with power when your utility company can’t.

In smaller generators, the resulting current can power various appliances and devices. That’s what makes them a helpful tool for providing limited power during outages or off-grid situations. But whole-home 20kW generators, such as the Kohler 20kW Generator, offer the most utility and provide backup power for an entire house or commercial building.

20kW generators typically operate on natural gas or propane and attach permanently to a concrete pad outside the home or building. When the power goes out, the generator automatically turns on and produces electricity, which then runs through the building via the electrical panel.

Keep your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer:

A backup generator can keep your furnace, space heaters, and other heating sources running during a power outage, ensuring your home stays warm and comfortable through the cold winter. But it can also keep your house cool come summertime and hurricane season, ensuring your family stays comfortable year-round.

Maintain essential services:

A backup generator can provide power to critical systems like sump pumps, which can help prevent water damage in homes with basements. It can also keep refrigerators and freezers running, helping to preserve food and essential medications.

Protect your business:

If you own a business, a backup generator can help keep your doors open during a power outage. This can help you maintain revenue and avoid losses due to unexpected closures.

Ensure safety:

A backup generator can power essential safety systems like security alarms and lighting. This helps keep you and your family safe during a winter storm.

Overall, the freezing temperatures and power outages have been a poignant reminder of the importance of preparing for extreme weather events, from winter storms to hurricanes to summer outages.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

There’s no better time than now to call Cooper Electrical Services. From start to finish, the installation process can take several weeks. In cases where the comfort and safety of your family are at risk, it’s always best to be proactive. With Cooper Electrical Services, you can count on working with the same team from sales through service. We are the Grand Strand’s only unlimited-license contractor offering generator sales, installation, and service.

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