Portable Power for Unlimited Adventure

A global pandemic and the rise of remote work led many to find a getaway in the outdoors. 2020s lockdowns, travel restrictions, and indoor dining bans, it’s no wonder that camping was rediscovered by millions of Americans. In the last 2 years, we’ve witnessed the rise of remote work and the glamor camping VanLife trend.

In fact, according to the KOA 2021 North American Camping Report,

More than 70% of North American campers changed their camping habits in 2020 and RV ownership is up in both the U.S. and Canada. In the U.S., the proportion of campers who camped for the first-time in 2020 was five times greater than what was observed in 2019.

“2021 North American Camping Report,” KOA.

This is big business for the outdoor industry. It also has spurred new portable solutions for campers looking for an experience outside with the comforts and conveniences of electricity.

Portable Generator Onboard or On-the-Go

A portable generator is an important tool for those looking to take life on the road or off the grid. A portable generator may come standard on your RV. You can also add one to a van or bus conversion. In either scenario, you can install your generator into your camping vehicle with either a separate fuel source, or tie it directly to your vehicle’s combustible engine. The latter is a bigger project and commonly known as an onboard “PTO-drive” generator, similar to what you find on a fire truck

Portable generators with internal combustion and separate fuel source work like the ones you’ve seen in a big box store during Hurricane Season, but scaled down and designed for a smaller space. They run on either unleaded or diesel gasoline and can provide up to 10,000 watts. They are affordable and reliable, but there are some drawbacks. First, you’ll need to carry additional fuel on board. And secondly, sometimes they can often be noisy, especially if your goal is to enjoy just the sounds of nature.

Generators Designed for Going Off-the-Grid

Cummins makes some extremely quiet portable generators like the Cummins Onan P4500i Power Inverter. This is designed for camping and life on the go, including a remote starter and a 3.4 gal. tank that runs for 18 hours at 25%. At 52 decibels, it’s about as loud as a small electric fan.

onan p4500i inverter generator
Onan P4500i Inverter Generator, perfect for VanLife and family camping.

For those looking to go solar, there are solar-powered portable generators capable of outputting up to 2,000 watts. While the charge time may vary by location, you get extremely quiet energy that is completely sustainable and eco-friendly. Portable solar generators come with 110V, 12V and USB outlets, letting campers plug in devices and small camping appliances for some modern conveniences.

Call Cooper for All Your Portable Generator Needs

Whether you are looking to go full VanLife or just want some modern conveniences on a family camping trip, it’s never been a better time to get outdoors. The portable generator market is filled with many options to make your life outside comfortable. Need help finding the right generator? We specialize in RV generators and portable power solutions. Whether you are heading to or leaving from Myrtle Beach, be sure to call Cooper for all your generator needs.

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