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Cummins Has an Entire Line of Residential Generators

A residential generator is a great investment that can ensure easy living during down line power outages. Residential Cummins generators allow for life to continue as usual in your home, with full power to every appliance, light, and outlet. For the very young and very old, this can also be a critical safety feature. Moreover, a standby generator is also an investment that can increase your home’s resale value.

If you are looking for a Cummins residential generator, you have some options to decide from. A Cooper Electrical Services technician will assist you in selecting the right generator for your needs, but we understand that some customers like to conduct product research at home and compare products and services before speaking to a professional. In this post we’ll help you decide which Cummins residential generator size is right for your home.

Considering Fuel Type

In the Myrtle Beach area, the 2 main fuel sources available to residential customers are natural gas and liquid propane. Although you may see diesel residential generators, these tend to be in more rural areas when homeowners may elect to have a diesel tank on site. In Horry County neighborhoods, we find that most have access to natural gas and liquid propane. Some homeowners may already have a fuel tank beside their house or in the ground with lines tied directly to a grill or fireplace, for example.

If you don’t already have a natural gas or propane fuel source, one can easily be installed. Cooper Electrical Services works with a number of fuel companies in the Myrtle Beach area as well as with homeowners needing to navigate homeownership association (HOA) requirements.

Natural gas and liquid propane are both effective fuel types with some minor differences. We recommend homeowners choose the fuel type that is most readily available in their area. To see fuel types with the pros/cons for each, visit this FAQ on the Cooper Electrical Services website.

Considering Square Footage and Energy Consumption

In order to find the right size generator for your home, you need to consider square footage and energy consumption. A home with two people and small appliances that run once a day or less is much different than a home with children, large appliances, and multiple loads of laundry running a day.

The Cummins residential generator site provides a helpful Cummins Generator Size Calculator. This tool helps homeowners find the appropriate generator for their needs.

After selecting your home size, you’ll select the various appliances in your home that you’ll want to power. Using average watts, the Generator Size Calculator will provide you with an estimated generator size needed to power your whole home or just the appliances you selected.

Take the Next Step

Our number one goal is to make sure you have the best generator for your home, family, and budget.

You’ve determined the fuel type and general size generator that best fits your home. Take the next step and contact Cooper Electrical Services to learn more about our residential generator solutions.