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Simply, a surge protector is an installed device that protects electronics against power spikes. You may be familiar with a small surge protector to save a desktop computer from a power spike, or maybe a larger surge protector to safeguard an important piece of machinery. A whole house surge protector defends your home’s electrical system and wiring from damage that can occur when power surges after an outage.

Why Do Power Surges Happen?

One of the most common causes of a power surge is uneven utility power as a result of an outage or utility line damage.

In Myrtle Beach, power outages happen for all kinds of reasons. While hurricanes and severe weather can knock out power, there are others reasons, too. Road accidents, animals, lightning, tree branches, and aging infrastructure all cause power outages and subsequent surges.

Something as common as lightning can boost the electrical charge in power lines, causing an increase in electrical energy flowing to your home. Surges can also occur from increased demands of power from large equipment. It takes a boost of power to turn on a large HVAC unit. Finally, damage to power lines or transformers (for many of the reasons listed above) can create uneven power flow and distribution.

Power surges are actually very common. They happen all the time in your home when appliances turn on or a disruption across town creates an uneven flow. In most cases, you won’t notice any difference. But sometimes large power surges can have consequences.

Consequences of Power Surges

Without proper surge protection, a power surge can damage equipment, appliances, and your home’s electrical wiring.

As a result, an abnormal surge of power can fry a computer, HVAC unit, kitchen appliances, and even home wiring. Repair and replacement of major appliances can be costly. A whole house surge protector is an investment in your property.

How Does a Whole House Surge Protector Work?

As a power surge approaches your home through utility lines, a surge protection device redirects surplus power safely to ground. A surge protection device is hardwired to your home’s electrical panel, and it safeguards your whole home against a power surge.

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